Heechul or Heechul ?

Mara: http://twitpic.com/65wh9v
Mara: loooook
Mara: heechul and heechul
cookie: i like heechul more
cookie: but heechul is handsome too
Mara: i like heechul more
Mara: but heechul looks good too !
cookie: don't try to argue with me!
Mara: calm down i just like heechul better !
cookie: heechul is cooler
Mara: but heechul is creepier
Mara: the good way
cookie: ikr and this is cooler
Mara: lol
Mara: conclusion
Mara: both heechuls look goooddd
cookie: heechuls are badass?
Mara: that too


Aloha~ :)

I finished my 5th exam out of 10 Friday ! 5 to go ! Yay !

Downside is that 3 out of these 5 are the hardest ones :( History, Maths and the worst : Economy. I see a very 4 coming for Economy, I suck at it so bad !

But I'm glad I'll finish soon ! I have one exam tomorrow, one Wednesday and two Friday. Then one Tuesday but that's an easy peasy one soo no worries about that ! I hope the week passes quickly !

Friday's Grandpa's birthday and I'm dying to record some covers ! Do you Wanna B ?! Cause I think/hope that's the cover I'm going to record first :) If not, 2NE1's Lonely :)



I'm alive

Well, sorta...

Okay so, I know, I know, I sad I was gonna post more often here :( Didn't really happen, right ?

Anyways, little update :

I came to the Netherlands on the 8th of April I think (I suck at dates soo bad haha) and we moved into our house on the 2nd of May. Yes, it took us that long to make it look decent.
Now my mom finally realized that moving before my exams was a bad idea, because I only had 2 weeks left to study. And no, I didn't start studying when I came here because 1) I'm a tard and 2) We were just busy with the house and on a day off I'd be like dead. So yeah, tomorrow's my first exam, I have no idea what to expect but I have this book thingies (I don't know if they exist in other countries as well) that have old exams (2006 to 2009 for me) with answers so you can see how you're doing. I think I'm doing decent for the first 3 exams I tried. I just checked and I saw that my German exam will only be about reading an article and answering questions about it ! That's so easy to me it's like kindergarten xD
Downside : It's the same for Dutch, but I'm bad at it in Dutch. Isn't that weird ? I really suck at Dutch grammar in particular.
So I have different worries for each exam, lol xD My biggest worries will only start next week for exams like Economy, Maths and History, I really feel that I haven't had enough time to study those, so everyone please cross your fingers for me !
Besides this I'm doing an interview thingy on the 24th for a Dutch teachers website to show them about homescholing stuff. I'm getting famous, lol ! JK JK

On a happier note : I'm soooo totally into Block B ever since they debuting ! How fly are they, guys ?! Magnae and I are writing a fanfic with them and I think I'll be posting it someday ! It's just not progressing too well thanks to my exams xD
Okay, now I don't know what to write anymore...
We'll be joinig 2NE1's Lonely Cover contest thingy so please look out for that ^_^ (KpopRoSubs and/or Muffincrash on youtube)
Fashion posts I'll re-pick up after my exams, which is sometime in August. I have oral exams after this, starting on the 4th of July and I want to use the time in between for covers and studying :) 



Another fashion post !

Ok I'm about to go to bed, but I wanna share this real quick !
When Miss A released their official photo's for 'Breathe'  I fell in LOVE with the top thiny Jia (the blond one in the pic) was wearing. My mama offered me to make it, and she just finished it and it is AMAZING !

This is the original :
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

And this is mine :
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Isn't it awesome ? My mama is the best ♥

First fashion blog in 6000 years

No cut 'cause it's kinda short ^_^

There's this cool fabric that I'd been looking at for forever in the craft shop my mom and I go to quite often. I had some money so I just went ahead and bought it :D
I made some leggings out of it !

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

That's what they look like~
The pants are customised too, they're a bit short so I sewed the turqoise lace on them myself :D
I wore them out (with other leggings, since I just finished these 10 minutes ago) yesterday since it's kinda warm-ish here now. People stared at me like I was nuts, wait, I AM nuts. I also had a package of hay/straw for our bunnies that I put in my bag because I wanted to buy some pants. It was kinda big so it was sticking out, but since I don't give a shit I just swung that bag over my shoulder and walked through the mall xD I'd do it again just for the way people stared =)) It was super funny !